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With a focus on increasing efficiency to get faster and accurate results.

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With today’s trend of industrial revolution it is becoming increasingly critical to optimize every step of product development cycle.

We at OPtiCAX Technologies specializes in integrating the appropriate Solutions with a focus on increasing efficiency to get more faster and accurate results. 

When Time to Market being the most important factor for Product development where products are automoded quickly our services translates to significant time and cost Savings for our customers. Delivering solutions across diverse segments viz Aerospace, Automotive, manufacturing, and construction industries.

Start Automate Your Product Lifecycle to Get Faster and Accurate Output

We have partnered with top PLM’s around globe. We integrate right solution based on your requirement.


Product Lifecycle Management Software

PLM systems help organizations cope with increasing complexity and engineering challenges of developing new products. 

PLM Automation and Customization

We help to automate the repetitive design tasks through custom CAD macros, add-ons, and asynchronous applications.

3D Printing

3D Printing is creating a whole new world of manufacturing, with the ability to create complex designs with quality and precision and deliver faster.

Supplier Development Consulting

Our consultants have extensive experience performing this type of work for major firms. We help with Supplier selection, bidding/negotiation, evaluations, Technical Reviews ..etc

Our Prime Partner

Efficiently managing your product development processes and providing access to accurate information to your product teams throughout your product’s lifecycle, from concept to customer, is key to your product’s success.

At CassiniPLM we have a singular vision of helping product teams build great products, faster and efficiently.

Your product success depends on one thing: CONNECTEDNESS. CassiniPLM unifies and connects your people, processes and data on one platform and provides actionable intelligence to your product teams.

Build Next-Gen products, faster and more efficiently!

Unified Cloud Platform that simplifies and accelerates your product development cycles and manages your entire product lifecycle from concept to end-of-life by synergizing product data with your processes and providing actionable intelligence to your engineering, manufacturing and quality teams.

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