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Simulation Technology


Altair OptiStruct is an industry proven, modern structural analysis solver for linear and non-linear simulation.
It is the most widely used solution for structural design and optimization in all industries.


Leading electromagnetic simulation software that uses multiple frequency and time domain techniques.


Most powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool, providing users with a full range of physical models.
Simulations involving flow, heat transfer, turbulence, and non-Newtonian materials are handled with ease by AcuSolve’s robust and scalable technology​


Altair RADIOSS is a leading structural analysis solver for non-linear problems under dynamic loadings.
It is highly differentiated for scalability, quality, robustness, and consists of features for multiphysics simulation and advanced materials such as composites. 


A particle-based  (SPH) fluid dynamics simulation tool to predict the flow in complex geometries with complex motion.

​WinProp Fluxr

Most complete suite of tools in the domain of wireless propagation and radio network planning.
With applications ranging from satellite to terrestrial, from rural via urban to indoor radio links, WinProp’s innovative wave propagation models combine accuracy with short computation time.


Using design-of-experiments (DOE), meta-modeling, and optimization methods, HyperStudy creates intelligent design variants, manages runs, and collects data. Users are guided to understand data trends, perform trade-off studies, and optimize design performance and reliability.

Multiscale Designer

Efficient tool for development and simulation of multiscale material models of continuous, woven, and/or chopped fiber composites, honeycomb cores, reinforced concrete, soil, bones, and various other heterogeneous materials. 

Motion Solve

Integrated solution to analyze and optimize multi-body systems. MotionSolve offers powerful modeling, analysis, visualization, and optimization capabilities for simulating complex systems. 

Modeling & Visualisation


High-performance finite-element pre-processor that provides a highly interactive and visual environment to analyse product design performance. 


Complete post-processing and visualization environment for finite-element analysis (FEA), multi-body system simulation, digital video and engineering data. 


Powerful data analysis and plotting tool with interfaces to many popular file formats. Its intuitive interface and sophisticated math engine make it easy to process even the most complex mathematical expressions. 


Highly tuned pre-processing technology specifically designed to automate the creation of high-fidelity models for crash analysis and safety evaluation. 


Process-oriented, feature-based finite element modeling software that allows you to quickly and accurately simulate engineering behavior of complex assemblies. 

Vertical & Design Solutions


Unique process-oriented environment captures the forming process with a suite of highly tailored and configurable analysis and simulation tools to optimize all aspects of stamped products development, delivering a very cost-effective solution.


Casting process simulation software that allows the user to enhance and optimize their manufactured components.
Helps users avoid typical casting defects such as air entrapment, porosity, cold shots, etc. thanks to the simple and quick mold filling simulation.


Introducing a new CAD interface that takes a giant leap to a direct CAD to solution approach

SolidThinking Inspire

Enables design engineers, product designers, and architects to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily. 

SolidThinking Compose

Enables engineers, scientists & product creators to efficiently perform numerical computations, develop algorithms, analyze & visualize various types of data

SolidThinking Evolve

Allows designers to develop forms faster. It enables the capture of an initial sketch, exploration of styling alternatives, and visualization of products with realistic renderings generated in real time. 

SolidThinking Activate

Enables product creators, system simulation and control engineers to model, simulate and optimize multi-disciplinary systems. By leveraging model-based development, users can ensure that all design requirements are met while also identifying system level problems early in the process

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